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F1 Drivers Died in Action

One of the greatest and heart pounding motor sport the Formula 1.
"Tribute to the F1 Drivers Died In Action"

Thursday, December 21, 2006


So you've just bought your new dream car, and look, it's got an all-leather interior. Just what the neighbours would drool for. Because hey, when it's leather, we're talking elegance here. Cars upholstered in beautiful leather automatically have an air of sophistication and fine design. Leather even smells fantastic, good enough to eat. But before you get all protective about your leather seats and forbid the kids or just about anyone else from all sorts of activities inside the car, read on about how you can care for leather the right way.The Basics about Leather

Leather is a durable, natural fabric that is four times stronger than man-made fabrics. This long-lasting fibrous material will stand up to rough treatment, even with rowdy children and pets inside the car. Stains can be cleaned effortlessly using a damp cloth. Maintenance will only entail refilling the cushions of you seats periodically to keep it looking as new as the day you bought it. After all, leather looks even better with time.
Natural leather materials are a car owner’s dream. Go ask OzFreeOnline, and you'll find that leather interiors are not just in demand right now; they are practically timeless. Needless to say, leather interiors actually up used car values.

Manufacturers can create leather car seats to suit any make of vehicle. Contrary to popular belief, leather isn't just for expensive, executive vehicles. Today, even small and used cars are getting upholstered in leather as it can be fashioned, designed, and dyed in colours to suit every taste.
Best natural leather material should be top-grain. A ‘top grain’ piece of leather should cover the seats without splits or attachments. When leather is split, it will not last as long as top grain and may require more upkeep. Top grain leather might be more expensive but it's well worth it.


In buying leather, you either get genuine or fake. Be careful of what you buy then as leather manufacturing has become so ingenious these days it can be difficult to pick the real thing. A quick test to determine which sort of leather you have at your hand is to use a small amount of cool clean water. If the leather repels it, it's vinyl-coated; if it absorbs the water, then you're safe.

Take note that dyeing processes affects the quality of leather. For the richest colours and softest touch, leather is subjected to aniline process of dying in a drum. When a protective coating is added to drum dyed leather at the end, it is called semi-aniline. Hides that are pigmented are applied with dyes to the surface. This process provides the best protection, although the resulting leather loses its softness.It is always wise to inquire about the quality of the natural hide and how it was processed. Look into guarantees offered and return policies in case the upholstery is not up to standard. If you are interested in leather car upholstery--whether to repair present seat cover or to change them--there are several sites which can offer you the cheapest, yet quality worksmanship. Shop around first so you can save up.
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Friday, November 03, 2006

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This week OzFreeOnline offers you suggestions for taking care of your tyres. TYRE CARE Buy a decent tyre gauge and keep it in the car. Improper tyre pressure can affect tyre wear as well as ride and handling. You should always check your tyres when they are cold. Use the manufacturers recommended tyre pressures. Tyre pressure tends to rise as you drive due to heat build-up. Manufacturers have this in mind when they set the recommended cold pressures so do not let air out when the tyre gets hot. Check the tyre again when it cools off and you will find that the pressure is back to where it was. Tyre pressure will change with the seasons, so in winter months make sure they are not under inflated. Remember; always check them when they are cold.
TYRE ROTATION On front wheel drive cars, it is especially important to rotate your tyres periodically because the front tyres wear faster than the rear. Uneven tyre tread thickness, front to rear, will give you uneven braking and poor handling, especially in the rain. If you don't rotate the tyres, you'll wind up replacing them two at the time, which means you'll always have uneven tread thickness. Replacing tyres in a matched set of four will keep the handling and braking traction of the car balanced.
If you notice a humming noise, check the rear tyres for a ‘saw-tooth’ wear pattern on the inside and outside shoulder of the tyre. You can detect this by running your hand back and forth along the edges of the tyre tread. Be careful not to cut yourself on debris or exposed steel belt wire. If it feels smooth in one direction, but jagged in the other, you may have found some of your noise. This condition happens on some front wheel drive vehicles, with tyres that have tread blocks on the shoulder of the tyre. Rotating this tyre to the other side of the car should even out this type of wear and quiet down the humming. Check your owner's manual for the proper rotation method. Most front wheel drive cars require the following rotation method:
Front wheel drive tyre rotation Warning: If you have directional tyres they must never be crossed over to the other side of the car. You can tell by the fact that they will have a clearly marked arrow on the sidewall showing the direction of rotation. If you have a matching spare, include it in the rotation.
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